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Substance Misuse, Addictions and Mental Health Training

Online Training / E-Learning

If allowing all staff to be away from their positions for whole day stops your from accessing training, why not consider one of our online training courses. All off these courses can be accessed from any PC, anywhere. You can log on and completed part at a time or all in one go with a secure log in. All courses are accredited and will be provided with a certificate upon completion.

E-learning is a catch-all term that covers a wide range of instructional material that can be delivered on a CD-ROM, over a local area network (LAN), or on the Internet. It includes Computer-Based Training (CBT), Web-Based Training (WBT), Electronic Performance Support Systems (EPSS), distance or online learning and online tutorials.

Courses currently available:

* Modern Slavery

*Handling Violence and Aggression at work

*Lone Working - Hazards and Risks

* Personal Safety in other peoples homes and premises

* Diversity, Equality & Discrimination

* Harassment & Victimisation

* Avoiding and dealing with Sex discrimination

* Avoiding and Dealing with Disability discrimination

* Avoiding and dealing with Age discrimination

* Avoiding and dealing with Sexual Orientation discrimination

* Avoiding and dealing with Religious or Belief discrimination

* An introduction to time management

* The Importance of setting goals in time management

* Time Management - deciding your priorities

* Time Management - Planning and Scheduling

* Time Management - Managing disruption & Keeping focused

* A background to body language

* Silent Speech

* Using body language in the workplace

* Listening Skills - An Introduction

* Removing the barriers to Listening

* Using open and closed questions

* Using probing questions

* Safeguarding Adults

* Meeting the needs of the Carers

* Community Safety and Section 17 of Crime Disorder Act

* An Awareness of Dementia

* Epilepsy Awareness

* Private Fostering

* Safeguarding Children

* Protecting Children (Scotland)

* Confidentiality in Social Care